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The Król brand was created out of love for extraordinary men's fashion.  Our history dates back to 1989, when the founder of the company - Marek Król, a cutter by a passion for sewing, decided after hours to start producing suits. His wife's commitment, hard work and determination resulted in the creation of a family business, and the passion turned into a way of life.



Over the years, we have invested in the expansion of our own production plant located in Sierpc. The hall is equipped with a modern machine park, a specialized computer system for production preparation, along with 60 employees, allows us to quickly execute orders.

KRÓL  is primarily elegant men's clothing tailored to the individual needs of each man.  

From the beginning of the company's existence, we specialize in tailor-made sewing using the " made to measure " technique. Our offer includes: suits, jackets, coats, trousers.

We provide our clients with Polish high-quality clothes.    

We want our customers to feel special by offering them above-average patterns and fabrics. 

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