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Author's Made to Measure - Warszawa

wedding suits from 2000 PLN     


Dlaczego szycie na miarę?

Most of us do not have a figure that fits perfectly into a standard suit produced for the masses. Each of us has a different build, often with slight postural defects. 
By sewing a tailor-made suit, we create a garment ideally suited to the client's figure and his preferences. Such a suit will be much more comfortable and will provide comfort of use incomparable to the finished product. 
Another issue is the possibility of personalizing the entire outfit. Starting with the choice of fabric, cut, lapels, pocket layout, ending with details such as threads, buttons. 
We receive a fully personalized outfit, created according to our preferences and requirements.

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Why is it worth investing in a tailor-made suit? 

Dlaczeg my?

Why the King - Tailor Made Suits?

Made to measure with bespoke options 

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1. First meeting 

we adjust the date to your availability

First, we get to know the client's expectations. We learn what her needs and preferences regarding a suit are. We help you choose the fabric, jacket construction, type and width of the lapels, pocket layout, lining, thread color, buttons. 

Then the customer tries on a few ready-made trial suits, which gives an idea of the final effect. We choose one, preferably one that fits the client's profile. This is our starting point. We apply corrections to the existing template, mark each element that requires changes. We send the completed form with the customer's measure to our production plant. The technologist computer prepares a new template for a specific client, taking into account all comments of the person taking the measure. 

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2. Second meeting

after 2-4 weeks from the 1st meeting 

The client receives his own ready-made suit to try on. We mark any corrections. Most often, these are details such as the length of the pants or sleeve. If necessary, we also correct other elements of the suit. 

3. Third meeting 

a few days after the second visit 

The client receives a perfectly tailored, personalized suit. This day is usually picked up. With more demanding silhouettes, sometimes a few fittings are necessary to obtain the desired effect. 

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Watch a short video outlining the entire process

Jak wygląda proces szycia?

What does the "made to measure" sewing process look like in our showrooms?

Nasze realizacje

Our projects

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Warszawa Poznańska


Warsaw Center


by appointment with an advisor


Address: 3/38 Poznańska

  00-672 Warsaw

Phone: 504 284 332



Price list

Suits from PLN 2,000

Jackets from PLN 1099

Pants from PLN 350

Vests from 550 PLN

* we also offer ready-made products that we improve free of charge to fit the figure  customer


If you have questions about made-to-measure sewing,  you are not sure about your idea for a suit / jacket, please contact us. We are happy to clarify all doubts. 

Thanks for submitting!

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